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Jatinder Chall: Putting a lid on business rates

Mackay must follow Hammond when it comes to business rates

It might have got a little lost in the controversy over tax rises for the self-employed , which broke a Conservative manifesto promise not to raise National Insurance Contributions, but Phillip Hammond’s budget did address another growing controversy – spiralling business rates.

Unfortunately he could only take action in England – meaning it’s critical for Scotland’s financial future that Derek Mackay does the same.

A long-delayed evaluation of property values had left some businesses facing tax rises of 350% or more – threatening to forcing many out of business.

The Chancellor this week announced that any businesses coming out of small business rate relief as a result of the imminent property values revaluation south of the border will see tax increases capped at £50 per month.

He also announced a £300m hardship fund for councils to allow them to provide discretional relief to affected businesses.

These changes will not affect us here in Scotland, where business rates are devolved to the Scottish Government. But businesses here are currently undergoing a similar revaluation. And so far, Derek Mackay has only promised to protect some of them.

Last month the Holyrood finance secretary promised to cap rate rises for the tourism and energy sectors.

He also announced appeals against revaluation will be free in Scotland, unlike in other parts of the UK.

He didn’t go far enough.

Granted, Philip Hammond did single one sector out for special treatment – with pubs set to get a discount on their rates – but apart from that every business benefits equally from the new protections.

We need that in Scotland too.

Derek Mackay has promised to work with local authorities to introduce a business rate system which supports key local economic sectors and here in Glasgow key sectors like design and engineering, life sciences and financial services need the same support which has already been offered to the tourism and energy sectors.

Whether our future lies in independence or within the United Kingdom businesses like these are critical to our financial future and we desperately need to attract, retain and support them.

The budget also handed the Scottish government an extra £350m of spending power and some of that windfall needs to go towards matching England’s small business rate relief cap– ensuring rates do not increase by more than £50 a month. The government also needs to offer further tax relief for small start-ups firms that provide employment and training to their staff.

The last thing we want is for our best young businesses to relocate south of the border for tax reasons – that’s why it’s critical that the Scottish Government keeps down business rates if we are to keep up with the rest of the UK.

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How much Land and Building Transaction Tax will I need to pay?

The residential LBTT rates are based on the purchase price bands, with a ceiling for nil rates set at £145,000 A relief for first-time buyers is available, which increases the residential nil rate band of LBTT to £175,000.The availability of the relief will result in a reduction in tax of up to £600 for qualifying first-time buyers, relative to the rates which would have otherwise applied.

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